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  • wtc noida
  • wtc noida

    Global Office Spaces



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  • wtc noida
    wtc noida

    Higher Rental, Longer Leases

    WTC delivers

    18% Higher Rental & 33% Higher Occupancy

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  • Upto 8 Years of Return+Rental

    Upto 12% Assured Return

    & 3 Years of Lease Guarantee

wtc noida

Work with the Global Standards

The World Trade Center cannot be defined by a mere word organization because it is a vast global network that has expanded its wingspan to over 330 cities in 100 different countries all over the world with a mammoth 1 million active memberships.

The World Trade Organization has its headquarter in New York and it works continually in devising the ways to develop new routes in the field of global trade by focusing on some major points like establishing a group trade mission, which makes capital easily available, to help in developing local business owners by giving them the needed exposure and ground level trade and market information, opening gates to promote international trade and offering world class commercial infrastructure facilities.





wtc noida

Generating Higher returns

World Trade centers have always marinated their quality standards which is why some major market leader has been flattered with the best World Trade Center has, to offer. The bigger names from the international business community along with the huge amount of visits that the World Trade center receives immediately gives you an idea that how much exposure these World trade center’s offers.

According to a recent report from the highly esteemed C.H. Johnson Inc, World Trade Center were labeled to be more ahead than the other complementary commercial infrastructure when it comes to rents and occupancy rate. The name of the World Trade center is proficient enough to attract more and more people generating higher occupancy rates, they are ready to pay higher revenues and avail longer leases and these reasons are enough to explain the supremacy of the World Trade Center’s when it comes to commercial space.

Some reports in the past have stated that the world trade centers in some leading cities like Amsterdam, Boston and Mumbai generate enormously higher rents up to 18% and Occupancy of closer to 33% as compared to some other major infrastructural developments.





wtc noida

Delivering prosperity to the owners

WTC is a huge integration of a global network which works to ensure the growth of both international and local business communities and assisting them by perfectly blending both government and private organizations to work towards the total goal of ensuring lag free trade relations. It forms an aggregation of truly inspirational people with the same thinking and they influence legislation and policies for the betterment of Business owners availing the services of WTC and its investors.

There is only one WTC in each city like the historical WTC in New York, which effectively establishes itself as the business hub of the city.

The benefits of owning Commercial space at the WTC are not only restricted to the leisure of owning a real estate property, but there are much more hidden benefits to it. Being a member of WTC makes the world easily accessible to you. For example, owning a space at World Trade Center, Noida will also connect you to the other WTCs of other prominent cities like New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong etc.





wtc noida

Helping in the growth of regional Business owner

WTC has effectively works in order to promote the local business owners to give them much needed exposure. It effectively understands the role of local business owners in promoting the international trade, which is why it lays a deeper emphasis on the local business communities by inviting whopping sum of money when it comes to investment and generating huge employment opportunities so that Local business houses can be effectively elevated to the international standards.

Performing the role of a premier Business hub and a real estate project, WTC are majorly developed din the sophisticated areas where there is room for enormous market growth in the future so that local owners can move in easily.

The reports also state that the development in the region where a WTC is scheduled to be built also increases, which certainly proves that how WTC also acts as a catalyst for development making its appreciation value more than any other similar project.

WTC also follows the eco friendly way of commerce, which is perfectly highlighted in the WTC Noida which is smartly designed so as to consume 30% less electricity ensuring monetary gains for the owners at these WTC. It focuses on providing healthy working conditions and this healthy approach generates more asset value for these WTC in the long run of time.


WTC has given its aid in the plan of developing a 1.2 km adjacent highway and conversion into an inter model of the WTC/Zuid Station by the year 2021.


The Arrival of WTC has revolutionized the landscape of Seaport district, which can be seen from the recently built hotels and apartments.

Sau Paulo

The entrance of WTC in Brooklin region fueled its growth turning it into a major international trade attraction.


KBD district has become a new business hub in the city with the arrival of WTC and has become home to rich, diversified and innovative businesses and a major $205 million monorail project.









WTC- Few Global Milestones

WTC Noida

A Legacy of Trust

wtc noida


 The 4th largest IT-BPO destination in India
 Accounts for nearly 10% of total Exports
 (NASSCOM) and attracts a large workforce
 Supply of educated and skilled manpower
 Meeting the huge demand of the IT/ITes sector

wtc noida


 An education hub with over 40 Engineering &
 Well-developed physical and social infrastructure
 Sports City, F1 Racing Track and 2500 acre of residential
 The fastest growing residential market in Delhi NCR
 Management Institutes including the 511 acre G.B. University

wtc noida


 Just 25 mins drive from New Delhi
 30 mins drive from upcoming Jewar Airport
 Superior connectivity through DND-Yamuna-Taj Expressway
 Metro for direct connectivity to Delhi and all other regions
 1 hour drive from IGI Airport and 40 mins from Railway Station


330 cities. 100 countries.
One global network. Now in NCR.

A perfect past. a secure future.

World Trade Center Noida 3, is brought to you by Viridian Red. The group that got licence to develop most of the WTC buildings in India, and has fulfilled all the promises that it did with esteemed investors in India.

  • Timely Payment of monthly assured returns without any default or delay
  • 20% capital apprecaition on property
  • On-time possession executed

World Trade Center - a respected and valued network of offices complexes that is represented in 330 cities in 100 countries and is known for the quality of its trade services and prominent facilities. The mission of every World Trade Center is to promote prosperity through international trade and augmenting development local business communities.

A World Trade Center building is a facility with a purpose. It is a destination where people meet to discuss international business ideas, and develop global linkages to forge the basis for doing business together. A WTC often is a catalyst for a number of economic development programs in the region.

Global Partner

WTC uses best and Innovative Technologies
to create your Commercial Space.

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Client Testimonials

The WTCGP, through its vast network of in-country representatives across the globe, has been instrumental in helping DUNMORE find international opportunities." "We'll continue to use their services .

wtc noida BRUCE W. HUENERS President,Palomar Technologies

Integra had one office in Asia. With the help of the WTC San Diego trade research team, we added several new member firms and today we have 40+ offices throughout Asia

wtc noida AL BASILICATO CEO,of Numonics Corporation

The World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia is a great institution for a small company like ours; it provides resources and international reach far beyond what any small business could develop alone.

wtc noida JOHN JORDON Vice President, Sales,DUNMORE Corporation

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