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Tenant Services

A well-managed WTC can offer a substantial return on investment to members and investors - often in excess of the returns seen by similar, non-WTC real estate projects. A World Trade Center designation, along with the availability of international trade services, enables members and investors to more effectively market their property - differentiating it in a competitive marketplace.

Essential to this is robust WTC Tenant Services program that reinforces the exclusivity of the WTC address and generates a list of good companies that would prefer to to be in a WTC Complex. While tenant services can vary from country to country depending on market and cultural conditions, the components of a successful tenant services program include:
  • Maintenance
  • Building amenities
  • Special events
  • Concierge services
  • Special marketing/publicity
  • Access to other WTC programs
  • Tenant communications
  • Security


  • Group Trade Missions
  • International Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Access to Capital and New Business
  • Trade Information and Market Research
  • Trade Education Services
  • Business Services
  • WTCA Online
  • WTC Clubs