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The Quad Residences

The Residences of Quad: Combining Business with Luxury

The Residences of Quad WTC Noida are situated on the banks of the Yamuna River. It spans across an area of 42 acres of land. The location and design of the architecture of The Quad Residences have been done keeping in mind the modern day need for business entrepreneurs and office goers. The office complex has a plenty of original covers which is essential to make the place appealing and attractive to modern day people. Inside the premises of The Quad, the pedestrians have been kept vehicle free. This facilitates the peaceful walking experience. Moreover, there are landscaped courts and recreational facilities which make it appealing to potential buyers. On the flipside, it also has a large riverfront promenade where one can rejuvenate his or her mind.

It is a trend these days for business leaders to seek business and luxury in the same domain. The same can be found in residences that are situated by the riverside. It is the place where one can find business as well as luxury. Furthermore, one of the most famous and popular names in the world of business; The World Trade Center has met the most famous name in Asian Hospitality-Amari. It offers one of the most luxurious and expensive business suites inthe compound of the WTC. Many residences around Noida are drawing inspiration from the architecture and planning of the WTC complex and are implementing the same in their design. These homes offer luxury and match the highest standards in the universe.

The modern amenities that is available within the compound of ensuring that an individual can conduct business in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, one can stay in touch with the rest of the world through the extensive network of WTC. It also enables the individual to enjoy his space. It offers the greatest levels of privacy. High living standards are guaranteed in these types of residences. One can find many luxurious recreational activities through which the mind and the body can be rejuvenated. On the flipside, these homes also make sure that business can be conducted without hassles. Several townships are emerging nowadays in the real estate sector. These township projects are constructed keeping in mind the need of the buyers.

The high class apartments offer even more high-class living standards. The comfort and luxury they provide are often unmatched. The high class apartments at WTC Noida Quad Residences, Greater Noida, boast of a spectacular architecture that is designed in accordance with highest standards of quality. The planning of these business places is done keeping in mind that it always stay connected to international business.

Post possession 10,000 rs per month for next 2 years
1 BHK unit of
570 Sqft.
Rs. 3500/sq.ft.*
CLP, TLP AND DP (12% Upfront Discount, Only on DP)
Possession in
3.5 years